March 21, 2022


Burton L. Mack has passed from us. His life (1931-2022), like every life, was, over the passage of time, different aspects of different selves. I was privileged to know a few of the aspects of the selves of Burton Mack (beautifully complemented by the smart […]
March 13, 2022

‘Masquerade: Scripturalizing Modernities Through Black Flesh

Pitts Theology Library and the Institute for Signifying Scriptures Nov 3-4, 2021 The exhibition, is open to all online; Click on the image/link to browse:
March 13, 2022

White Men’s Magic as Slavery

The Carlos Museum@Emory University hosted a 3-day Symposium on Slavery and Dispossession (Sep 29-Oct 21, 2021). This session convenes a conversation between Dr. Vincent Wimbush, Dr. Valerie Babb, and Dr. Clinton Fluker on the process of creating an archival exhibition at Emory University and the […]
February 9, 2022

Upcoming Lecture

Vincent L. Wimbush, Scholar of Religion and Director of the Institute for Signifying Scriptures, will give a Zoom lecture on the study of religion, with Q&A to follow. This lecture is intended to account for the practices, dynamics, operations, and effects—including the patho-logics and politics […]