July 21, 2016

ISS – Portland – Part I: Introductions and Orientation

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July 12, 2016

Meaning: Who Formulates, Manages, Communicates it? Whence? Where Does it Come From?

Editor’s Note: The following text was presented by Lalruatkima at the First Annual Meeting of ISS in Portland, OR. It was the framing statement for the discussion on Meaning: Who? Whence? Video for the discussion can be found here, and a full audio record of...READ MORE
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July 10, 2016

Second Annual Meeting – January 26-28, 2017 – Charlotte, NC

Organized as a seminar, the 2017 Meeting will be focused on the Nation/State as major theme. Broadly construed to include geographically-extensive U.N.–recognized entities as well as non-extensive, non-U.N. recognized movements, regional and local bodies in the modern era, the seminar will be divided into sessions...READ MORE
July 9, 2016

Trust: Notes on Authority and Secular Scripturalizing

Trust: notes on authority and secular scripturalizing James S. Bielo, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Anthropology, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio   Tom is an atheist. He is an atheist, but his preferred term of self-identification is “non-theist.” He prefers non-theist, but depending on the context,...READ MORE
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