The Gumbé

The Gumbé is a drum whose beats call some West African and Africa diaspora communities together to announce important developments.


August 19, 2016

Scriptures Contemporary Relevance

Editor’s Note: “Scripturalization: A Primer” is part of our ongoing project to explore and exemplify the human practice of scripture-making for a general audience. For more than a decade ISS has sponsored research projects and facilitated conversations that have expanded, and in some cases exploded, our […]


WaPo Opinion: Originalism is bunk


An Interview with Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje, Professor Emeritus of Ethnomusicology at UCLA

Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje is Professor Emeritus, former Chair of the UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology, and former Director of the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive. Professor DjeDje is author, editor, and compiler of several books, collections of essays, and recordings, a few of which include Fiddling in West […]


WaPo Opinion: Originalism is bunk


The Abeng | vol 5, no 1

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The Abeng – A Journal of Transdisciplinary Criticism – Inaugural Issue

Inaugural Issue – November, 2014 Once admiringly acknowledged, in the words of a Xhosa praise, as NguZanengxaki (“Bringer of Problems”), Charles H. Long’s work over the last fifty years has significantly explored and expanded the boundaries of the History of Religions. Born in Little Rock, […]