The Politics of Meaning

A collaborative project on discourse and power

ISS is uniquely positioned to facilitate wide-ranging critical social-cultural analysis and commentary. As ongoing collaborative project, “Scripturalizing Here and There” is opportunity for such a compelling project for the times we share. (Focus is on analyzing any/all accessible human/social dynamics in terms of scriptural social psychologics and politics.)

  • Agenda: isolation, description, and analysis of types of representations, practices and politics of the scriptural (as windows onto human play with discourse and meaning)
  • Ongoing/open-ended, as befits orientation to human-making and as critique of canon-making projects (e.g., encyclopedia, handbooks, commentaries)

Collaborative (participation as submission—as many times as one likes–by individuals or small groups, of analysis of some example or type of scripturalizing in the world)

  • Genealogy-sensitive (raise question about or explain whence) comparison-sensitive (raise issue of similarity and/or difference)
  • Scope: privilege contemporary and modern worlds; refractions across varied domains and contexts
  • Submission: first as experimental paper: description/analysis as response to set of project questions, issues, problematics;
    If not all, selected papers can be presented at ISS/AMs; revised/submitted for consideration as part of ongoing project—to describe/account for human formation efforts=politics of meaning
  • Collection of submissions: Misanthology: arranged according to typology (as submissions and human practices and politics warrant and make appropriate); deposited in members-only file
  • Publication: collections first in The Abeng: according to types or events; or some other schema otherwise appropriate or compelling; as experimental “papers”/essays; collected as part of iss research agenda

Instances and types/practices can never be exhausted, only isolated in real time or as history: the phenomenon has to do with historical and ongoing human activity and dynamics

Some preliminary categories of practices/uses/politics to be established;

A particular paper can be placed within category(ies); or can help create a different category

Project will grow over time; to be featured on iss website; beyond announcement submissions behind wall: accessed only by iss members

Possible occasional/periodic publication of collections of accepted essays (as part of discrete volumes: divided according to justified isolated types

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