Scripturalization: Discourse, Formation, Power
New Series at Lexington/Fortress Academic

This new book series aims to model for our times a new kind of scholarship—creative, disciplinarily transgressive, intellectually and politically interruptive. It is committed to radical excavation of the psycho-politics and -logics, the dynamics and mimetics/performances, the perduring problems, opportunities, and issues that are reflected in and provoked by the social-cultural and political-economic arrangements of contemporary life that are represented as “natural.” Because formations and relations of power are everywhere complexly involved with the structures of discourse, writing, communications, and media, the series both explores and upends the historically shaped and domesticated category of “scriptures” and the scriptural. How, and to what effects, do power relations become naturalized through scripturalization, and how is the scripturalized systematically managed and maintained? With attention to such issues, proposals from all relevant fields and disciplinary representations (as well as a total scrambling of such) are welcomed.

Series Editor: VINCENT L WIMBUSH, Director, Institute for Signifying Scriptures (

Associate Editors: James Bielo (Miami University, Ohio); Jacqueline Hidalgo (Williams College); Barbara Holdrege (University of California, Santa Barbara); Lalruatkima (AICS, Mizoram, India); Emily Ogden (University of Virginia); Seth Perry (Princeton University); Susanne Scholz (Southern Methodist University); Katrina van Heest (Tweed Academic Editing); C. Travis Webb (Culture Hum Foundation)

Staff contact: Neil Elliott (