March 10, 2021

ISS Book Series

Scripturalization:Discourse, Formation, PowerNew Series at Lexington/Fortress Academic This new book series aims to model for our times a new kind of scholarship—creative, disciplinarily transgressive, intellectually and politically interruptive. It is committed to radical excavation of the psycho-politics and -logics, the dynamics and mimetics/performances, the perduring […]
February 1, 2021

Scripturalizing Here and There

 The Politics of Meaning ——————— A collaborative project on discourse and power ISS is uniquely positioned to facilitate wide-ranging critical social-cultural analysis and commentary. As ongoing collaborative project, “Scripturalizing Here and There” is opportunity for such a compelling project for the times we share. (Focus […]
January 16, 2021

Scripturalization and the Performance of the Scriptural

Why is the mimetically scriptural presumed to be good, asks Vincent Wimbush in this response to the Religious Studies Project’s interview with Richard Newton on “Roots as Scripture and Scriptures as Roots.” Read more at: