ISS Institutional Affiliates Status

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January 28, 2018
Third ISS Annual Meeting (2018)-summary
March 21, 2018

ISS Institutional Affiliates Status




Establishment of partnership between iss and entities to enrich ongoing transdisciplinary learning experience and to advance and facilitate broader participation in the transgressive programming, conversation, and research work that defines ISS

Open to:

Colleges, universities, schools, academic departments, programs; other organizations (research, etc.)



As independent (extra-academic-institutional) transdisciplinary research organization,

ISS commits

  • To declare in formal terms interest in affiliating with particular entity/organization
  • Support in whatever way appropriate and feasible the educational/research and programming agenda/interests of affiliate organizations
  • To encourage and facilitate affiliate constituents’ active participation in ISS conversations, programming, and research projects
  • To recognize and formally list affiliate status on ISS website (and where appropriate other communications/publications)

Affiliates agree

  • To declare in formal terms interest in affiliating with ISS
  • To encourage constituents’ participation in whatever manner and to whatever degree possible and appropriate in ISS conversations, research work, and programming
  • To sponsor (in payment of membership fee; registration; related costs) attendance at/participation in ISS annual meetings of at least two persons (students and/or faculty/staff/officers/other interested persons) each year
  • To provide whatever ongoing in-kind and/or financial support is feasible and appropriate, including convening of ISS annual meeting at or near affiliate location (when such is agreed to and made feasible by all parties concerned)


Affiliate status to be reviewed and reconsidered at any time, but formal declaration/reconsideration—withdrawal or enhanced re-commitment–is expected every three years



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